March 23, 2023

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He San Roque de Lepe He has added a gold point against a serious candidate for promotion and who arrived at Ciudad de Lepe in a state of intoxication, such as Yeclano. The lepero team had to endure the attacks of a team that is with a lot of morale and that did merits to take the three points from lepera lands, since they sent two balls to the crossbar in the second half and went ahead through the mediation of Boris Kousassi in the 65. Despite this and with four minutes to go, Sherif, who had only been on the field for a few minutes, was able to hit the Murcian goal and take advantage of the opportunity given by Juan Manuel Pavón to put the tables on the scoreboard and score a very Valuable against a great rival. In addition, this point indirectly benefits Recreativo, since Yeclano is having a great second round and could have cut Dean two points in the fight for second place in the final stretch of the regular phase where everything is very tight.

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