March 21, 2023

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During the next week, from March 20 to 24, the plays corresponding to seventh Municipal Asphalting Plan currently underway, at Gómez de Avellaneda and Remo streets. After its provisional signaling of prohibited stopping and parking last Friday, during this week the roads of these two streets will be rehabilitated, dedicating the five working days to Gómez de Avellaneda, where work began last week and on Monday and Tuesday to Remo street, as it is smaller.

The seventh Asphalt Plan faces its final stretch in the absence of rehabilitation in terms of large streets, Pío XII avenue, as well as other smaller ones such as Alejandro Herrera Architect or Rodríguez de Jerez.

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From the Huelva City Hall It has been recalled that the Paving Plan in progress has a budget of 1,400,000 euros, which is almost triple the previous one, which was 500,000 euros, to rehabilitate 25 streets, compared to the 12 that were fixed with the sixth plan executed last spring, in the year 2022.

In this way, one more week has been insisted on apologizing, requesting “understanding and collaboration to facilitate the development of actions that will result in the quality of life of all Huelva people.” For the development of the actions that in this case begin and end, leaving the streets completely finished, once again we opted for weekly planning, with the aim of reinforcing the coordination of the Asphalting Plan.

The intention is to keep the neighbors affected and minimize the inconvenience to citizens at a general level, due to the inevitable cuts or diversions of traffic, as well as alternative itineraries or retentions that may occur during the works.

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