March 30, 2023

From April 1, in 13 municipal pools of Cologne, women will be allowed to swim topless, local media reported on Thursday, March 16, citing representatives Association of Cologne basins Kölnbäder. It was possible to be inside the building without the top of a swimsuit before – for example, resting after swimming in a sun lounger. And now women are allowed to swim topless.

March 9 about a similar innovation Berlin basins reported. However, the capital was not the first in this matter. So, last year the city council of the city of Siegen in the federal state of North Rhine – Westphalia voted for topless for women and for allowing the use of bathing suits common among Muslim women in pools. In turn, the association of sports organizations of Dortmund Sportwelt notes that both in the open and in the indoor pools of the city it was never forbidden to be and swim topless, just not all visitors used it.

Lotte Mies in front of the Berlin swimming pool in the Kaulsdorf district
Lotte Mies against the backdrop of the Berlin pool in the Kaulsdorf district. Here she was asked to cover her chest, after which she turned to human rights activistsPhoto: Gerald Matzka/dpa/picture alliance

33-year-old Berlin activist Lotte Mies, who through the ombudsmen obtained official permission to swim topless in the capital’s pools, complains that she is increasingly receiving threats from people who did not like the Berlin decision.

At the same time, Lotte Mees is not going to abandon the goals set by the Equal Rights for All Breasts initiative. “When it gets warmer, we will hold new actions – such as picnics and topless hikes,” the activist said.

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