March 29, 2023

Former Chairman European Commission (EC) Jean-Claude Juncker warned against awakening in Ukraine unrealistic expectations regarding the imminent admission to the European Union. “I believe that for certain reasons Ukraine needs the prospect of joining the EU, but I am very annoyed by the imprudence of many politicians, including Western ones, who promise Ukraine an early accession to the European Union. I do not see such an option,” Juncker said in a podcast of the newspaper Luxemburger Post, published on Sunday, March 19th.

“It is unacceptable just like that and for some political reasons of a higher order to accept European Union a country that is at war and therefore cannot fully reveal its will to reform. At the same time, I consider it very likely that in the long term Ukraine after the current events enter the European UnionJuncker said.

Call for negotiations with Russia

The former head of the European Commission expressed concern about the aggressive Russian wars against Ukraine, noting that, as in the case of China, he has always advocated dialogue. Juncker stressed that he is still in favor of maintaining contacts with Russia and China and signaling readiness for negotiations.

At the same time, Jean-Claude Juncker stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin “in no way shows the will” to “serious peace talks.” He stressed that there should be no dictate of peace for Ukraine, “injustice remains injustice.” At the same time, the former head of the European Commission expressed the opinion that peace is by no means the highest value that needs to be protected. “An even higher value is freedom,” he explained.

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