May 28, 2023

The chief weather forecaster of St. Petersburg Alexander Kolesov on May 26 sums up yesterday’s “day of change” and warns of a “dangerous phenomenon” in the next two days.

“Yesterday in St. Petersburg did not become warmer than Wednesday, therefore, given the forecast until the end of the month, May 24 will be the hottest day in the city this month. The maximum air temperature on Wednesday was +24.7 degrees, and the average daily temperature is almost a degree higher than it was noted yesterday, ”Kolesov writes in his telegram channel.

The atmospheric front last night, according to him, “passed quietly and calmly”: there was a little rain in the city, and a couple of lightning discharges in the Leningrad region. But it had a significant effect by lowering the air temperature. And on May 27-28 this trend will continue.

“The main dangerous phenomenon that we are waiting for over the weekend is frost on Sunday night. Again, the weather is determined by the anticyclone, it will be quiet and cloudy, therefore, in the middle of the night of May 28, in some places in the Leningrad region, and in neighboring regions, frosts in the air and on the soil up to -1 g are also likely,” Kolesov warns.

Saturday will be the coldest day of the week. The west wind will not allow the air to heat up, and in the middle of the day there will still be a short rain – in the end it will be only 13-15 degrees. “We were not lucky on the day of the city, but it happened worse,” the forecaster sums up. For comparison, in 2010 and 2019 that day was only plus 12 or more rainy. On Sunday, in St. Petersburg and the region it will warm up to plus 20 (except for reservoirs).

“It turns out that not the worst weekends are planned, although not hot ones,” Kolesov notes.

Fontanka has already reported that today the synoptic situation in the region is formed by the rear part of the cyclone. Temperature in St. Petersburg droppedwith a chance of intermittent rain.

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