March 31, 2023

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The firefighters of the Huelva Fire Department Provincial Consortium of the San Juan del Puerto park, have intervened in the extinction of the fire in the kitchen of a house in the town of Moguer, Mazagón, around 2:10 p.m. this Thursday without causing injuries, although considerable material damage did occur. and as seen in the pictures.
The four of them firefighters On guard duty, two intervention vehicles moved to the place to put out the flames.

Other actions of the Firefighters

Four people, two of them minors, were recently affected by smoke inhalation and have required medical attention after the fire of a house registered on the morning of this Sunday in The Antillesin the Huelva municipality of lepe.

The incident occurred on the first floor located in a four-story block on Avenida de Castilla on the 11:40 a.m.when several witnesses have alerted 112 that flames and smoke were coming out of the house and that several people could be trapped. The 112 has then activated the consortiumto the Civil Guardto the Local police and the Center for Health Emergencies 061which has mobilized the Primary Care Emergency Services (SUAP).

Junta de Andalucía.  Education

As indicated four peopletwo of them minors, have been evacuated of the affected floor and have specified medical attention after being intoxicated by smoke. One of those affectedof which no further information has been disclosed, has been transferred by ambulance to a hospital.

The same sources have specified that the fire, already extinguished, originated in the living room of the house.

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