May 28, 2023

Citizens of Finland began to be deprived of visas and turned back home when trying to enter Russia, writes the Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat.

How notes May 13 edition, starting Thursday for Finns who go shopping and gasoline, Russian border guards began to cancel visas and turn them back to Suomi. Most often, such cases were noted at the Vaalimaa (Torfyanovka) checkpoint, but there were also cancellations at Nuijamaa (Brusnichnoye). We are talking about dozens of people.

According to the publication, many regular travelers to Russia have business visas, not tourist ones. According to Russian law, a visit to a gas station or a store does not meet the requirements of a business trip, but previously they turned a blind eye to this, but now they have begun to request documents at the border and cancel visas. The holders of dual citizenship, as the newspaper notes, there are no problems.

47news clarifiesthat the citizens of Finland deployed at the border appealed to the documents that they were helped to draw up in the capital’s commercial firms – Vanes LLC and TPK Algorithm-Biz LLC. The latter does not exist as a legal entity, while the former has many namesakes – those who managed to get through did not admit to working with the Finns.

About how the Finns deploy Russians every day already at their border and deprive even children of visas, read in material “Fountains”.

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