March 30, 2023

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The assembly hall of the ‘Gota de Leche’ municipal building will host next Tuesday, March 21, at 7:00 p.m., a information day and public awareness directed to address the reception in Huelva during the month of July of minors from Ukraine. It is an appointment promoted by the Association of Foster Children in Huelva (Asnia)with the support of the City Council of the capital and the Provincial Council, which is open to the assistance of all Huelva families who may be interested in temporarily hosting Ukrainian children in their homes.

Families are sought in Huelva to welcome Ukrainian children in summerIn this regard, the Councilor for Social Policies and Equality, María José Pulido, wanted to value a program aimed at “joining efforts for a very important cause of solidarity, a program that requires the collaboration of the families of Huelva and that we are sure that it will have a great citizen response because the people of Huelva have always shown their immense solidarity and empathy”.

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In this sense, the mayor has encouraged all citizens “who want to take advantage of such a beautiful and necessary initiative to attend this day, get informed and can start the procedures so that this summer these children can enjoy a summer in peace , a summer full of enthusiasm and energy, which we are sure they and their families will appreciate”.

For his part, the deputy for International Cooperation, Salvador Gómez, wanted to show his gratitude to Asnia for “fundamental solidarity work in the current context, which they carry out with patience and hope, and above all with great involvement, because we cannot forget that It is about childhood, about boys and girls who have been living through a war for more than a year”.

In this sense, the vice-president and secretary of the Association of Foster Children in Huelva (Asnia), Nieves Sánchez, has advanced that “no economic requirement is required of foster families, simply that they are normally structured single-parent or two-parent families, that they can cover the basic needs of minors during the month they stay in Huelva, so that it can be a serene, peaceful and respite time for them”.

Families who attend the conference on the 21st will also receive an informative guide published by Asnia, an entity that is a benchmark for solidarity in Huelva and that has been bringing children from Chernobyl, minors, during the school holidays for more than fifteen years. Belarusians who, as a result of the war in Russia and Urania, will not be able to attend on this occasion.

However, thanks to this initiative, it will be 8 and 9-year-old Ukrainian boys and girls from the city of Odesa, on the shores of the Black Sea, who will be able to spend this summer in Huelva away from bombs and alarms, enjoying the sun, the sea, as well as clean air and a healthy diet, but above all receiving the love and hospitality of the families that welcome them as one more in their homes.

Within this framework, it should be noted that since the beginning of the war, the Huelva City Council has been working with the Provincial Council and Asnia through the Emergency Table created to coordinate humanitarian aid for Ukraine. In this way, the priority has been and continues to be to act at all times in the most effective way, launching the projects that are most appropriate and necessary to help the Ukrainian population.

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