June 5, 2023

“Reserved” in the XVIII-XIX centuries were called estates that were considered the property of a noble family, they could not be alienated and divided. On April 29, Library No. 7 organizes an excursion to one such estate. For free. 12+


The story will be about the possessions of Countess Orlova-Denisova in Kolomyagi. According to the law, the eldest son and his offspring inherited the reserved estate. If there were no offspring, the estate passed to the second son and his offspring, and so on. And only if there were no sons, then to the eldest daughter. Elizaveta Alekseevna Nikitina was not only the eldest, but also the only daughter of a member of the State Council, cavalry general, Count Alexei Petrovich Nikitin (his portrait is, for example, in the Gallery of 1812). In marriage, she became Orlova-Denisova. But after the abolition of serfdom, the estate was divided. Later, two railways were laid across the countess’s estates, summer cottage construction was actively going on in Kolomyagi – former summer cottages still bear the names of their owners.

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