March 31, 2023

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He Recreational Huelva plays the twenty-sixth day of the league and does so by visiting the Cartagena B. in a match where the Dean wants to continue adding points to his locker to maintain second position in the group.

Data sheet:

Junta de Andalucía.  Education

Cartagena B: Saldaña, Antonio Sánchez, Uri Jové, Nacho Pais, Sergi Monteverde, Jeriel De Santis, Djaka, De Pedro, Luis Castillo, Teddy and Diego Iglesias.

RECREATIONAL: Rubén Gálvez; Manu Galán, Bernardo, Trapero, Juanjo Mateo; Josiel; Chinchilla, Wormwood, Arjona, Peter; Pablo Caballero.

Referee: Lidón Rocamora (Valencian school).

Field of La Manga.

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