March 31, 2023

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He Huelva City Hall It continues to bet on raising awareness to encourage the people of Huelva to separate the containers at home and deposit them in the yellow and blue containers made available to them on public roads. To this end, one more year has been added to the ‘The World’ campaigncreated by Ecoembesthe environmental organization that coordinates packaging recycling in Spain.

A campaign presented this Friday in an act in which Esther Cumbreras, Councilor for Urban Habitat and Infrastructure of the Huelva City Council, together with Antonio López, manager of Ecoembes in Andalusia, participated.

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The councilor has assured that “in Huelva we have the means and we will continue to improve, but we need everyone’s collaboration, which is why we welcome this new Ecoembes campaign to the city, which encourages us to ‘Recycle more, better and always’ and reminds us that ‘The world needs a turn’”.

In this sense, Esther Cumbreras has pointed out that in addition to raising awareness, the Huelva City Council’s concern is “to continue making available the means and resources to facilitate the task of separating and recycling for Huelva residents”, referring to the expansion of 15% of the city’s ecological islands, made up of 180 new packaging, glass and paper containers; the inclusion of QR codes in the containers to offer information, resolve doubts and report incidents; and the Return and Reward System (SDR) developed by Ecoembes that rewards recyclers with incentives to recycle their cans and plastic beverage bottles in one of the more than 400 yellow containers on the streets of the city -a Those who have incorporated this technology can obtain rewards to donate to the Oceánidas organization, which supports the conservation of the seabed or to Aldeas Infantiles, which works for the education of boys and girls at risk of social exclusion.

On the other hand, the councilor recalled that just a month ago, “we presented the improvements incorporated into the Paper and Packaging Sorting Plant located on Cristóbal Dorante street in the capital, which after extensive remodeling have led to an increase of 30% of its productivity and a leap in quality in the treatment of waste, for the separation, recovery and subsequent reuse of some materials, among which aluminum is included, with the repercussions that this has for the care and protection of the environment”.

“The people of Huelva have to know that each piece of paper or cardboard that they deposit in the blue container and each container that they deposit in the yellow container, is managed until it is delivered to a recycling agent in charge of giving it a new life,” Cumbrera assured, noting that “we can guarantee Huelva that if they collaborate in the separation of waste, we are going to take care that they reach the recycling chain”.

For his part, Antonio López, manager of Ecoembes in Andalusia, has commented that “the people of Huelva recycle more and better, as demonstrated by the increase in the collection of containers by 26% and paper by 10% in the last five years” ensuring that “campaigns like this one achieve continue raising awareness among citizens and reinforcing this habit that is so beneficial for the environment. In addition, it is a way of bringing the circular economy closer to everyone and showing that it is something that can and should become part of our day-to-day lives”.

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The ‘El Mundo’ campaign insists for the third consecutive year on the importance of the role played by packaging recycling in the circular economy, trying to make Huelva see the need to leave behind the throwaway model and bet on reduction , reuse and recycling in our daily lives. The main piece is the audiovisual spot, which captures a sequence of images that do not stop rotating and reflect the cycle of life, nature and the recycling of containers. All with the aim of transmitting that every time we recycle cans, briks and plastic containers (yellow container) or cardboard and paper containers (blue container) we are making it possible for them to have a second life again.

The spot, in turn, makes a simile of the circular journey of our lives with that of a plastic bottle, which once consumed and recycled in the yellow container ends up being turned into a piece of clothing. Thus exemplifying the concept of treating as resources what we consider waste. In addition, this year, the ‘The world needs a turn around’ campaign has been reinforced with 4 graphic executions that are inspired by the famous work ‘The Creation of Adam’ by Michelangelo and where the container works as a portal to transform the containers into materials with which to “create” new products. A portal that connects that linear world with a more circular world that is respectful of nature. That connects the past with a sustainable and well-rounded future.

The local implementation of this campaign in the city of Huelva will be carried out in two waves with a media plan until June that includes television, radio, and local digital newspapers, as well as the website and social networks of the Huelva City Council. In addition, it is committed to outdoor advertising on the shelters of the Emtusa stops and on the internal television circuit of the buses.

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