June 5, 2023

Telegram founder Pavel Durov told in his channel that there is no application vulnerability for a device with mac Os.

“If an attacker already had access to your computer, he could control your camera and microphone via Telegram. But if the computer is already compromised, then accessing the microphone via Telegram is the least of the problems to worry about, ”he explained.

On May 15, Google engineer Dan Reva told about the presence of such a vulnerability. He argued that due to flaws in the system, hackers could activate the computer’s camera and microphone and bypass Apple’s privacy mechanism.

Durov immediately accused the media of chasing high-profile headlines, the desire to hype and mislead users, while people may not attach importance to real threats. “If the media headlines about imaginary and real threats are the same, people will stop taking them seriously – it will turn out like in a fable about a boy who unnecessarily shouted “Wolf”,” the billionaire said.

Durov remembered the WhatsApp messenger, in which in 2022 real vulnerabilities were discovered, due to which attackers could gain access to a person’s phone if he simply receives a call or watches a video. This gap was later fixed.

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