March 23, 2023

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He PMD Aljaraque has suffered a new defeat this Saturday evening, this time at home, against Ciudad de Dos Hermanas, in a very even game that finally went to the visiting side 71-76. The PMD continues in the middle of the table of the EBA League DB groupwith a balance of 12 wins and 8 losses, in what has been a great season for a recently promoted team.

The game started well for the locals, who prevailed 22-19 in the first quarter. However, the reaction of Dos Hermanas came in the second quarter and at halftime the visiting team had a 5-point lead (37-42), which was what the score reflected at the end of the game, after the PMD won (19-13) in the third quarter and Ciudad de Dos Hermanas returned the coin in the final quarter (15-21).

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The top scorers for PMD Aljaraque have been Martínez and Mora, with 17 points each, followed by Fall (13 points) and Rodríguez (11).

The PMD travels the next day to the province of Cádiz, where they will face San Fernando, a team with which they are fighting for fifth place in the group.


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