March 31, 2023

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Irreverence, criticism, humor, courage, anarchy and common sense with the common denominator of trochería. This could be summed up ‘Firecracker World II. Second parts were always good’a book with which the graphic humorist from Huelva Currito Martinez The Firecracker He has made a compilation of his main drawings of recent years to capture with his simple appearance the social complexities of this our Firecracker World.

'Mundo Petardo II': Currito Martínez's irreverent trail becomes a bookIn this way, the author offers us a total of 68 vignettes that shape a 78-page color book that immortalizes his original and artistic vision of man (and woman) and their circumstances, becoming, like Ortega y Gasset, in the philosopher with the sharp pencil, pointing at all of us with the weapon of his personal and non-transferable art.

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This is how Currito Martínez explains it: “From my restless head drawings come out non-stop. I am dangerous as a child with a pencil, felt-tip pen in hand, tablet, everything must be reflected in drawings, be it on tiles, paper, clothes, dirty car glass, on the sand on the beach or on the walls at work. I feel naked without something to draw. Today I am going for my second book and in this process I have learned that a drawing unites, makes friends, makes you laugh, dream, excite and even fight and defend yourself”.

On the other hand, it should be noted that ‘Mundo Petardo II. Second parts were always good’ is the sixth book of Wick Editorial which was born under the protection of ProLeo, the Municipal Program for the Promotion of Books from Huelva Publishers, promoted by the Department of Culture of the Huelva City Council and with which it seeks to increase the visibility of both the authors who publish with Pábilo Editorial and Editorial Niebla and his books, through actions such as production aid or different promotional campaigns.

‘Firecracker World II. Second parts were always good’ is available in bookstores throughout Spain, on the platform All your books and on the Pábilo Editorial website. The first presentation of book It will take place on April 24 as part of the Huelva Book Fair, which will be held in the Plaza de las Monjas from the 21st to the 30th of that month.

About the Author

Francisco Martínez Díaz (Currito Martínez), born in Huelva AC (Before the Cabezos). Curritomartiné, conjugator of the present of the claim, is born, grows and reproduces in the city of Huelva. There he drinks the winds of treachery and injustice. Over the years he learned to use the bullet as a shield. He published his first book, Mundo Firecracker (Editorial Niebla), in 2015. He has collaborated in the newspaper Viva Huelva and in digital magazines such as La Huelva Cateta, El Percá or El Recreo Diario.

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