May 28, 2023

Fontanka wrote that on the evening of October 12, Lukyanets, Avdushev, Arkhipov and Novozhilov, acting as part of a group, attacked their victim in the business center lobby. The last two comrades beat and took away a bag with rubles and foreign currency. In total, almost 10 million 700 thousand rubles came out. With the booty, the men ran out into the street and got into a Daewoo Matiz with fake license plates. Lukyanets was waiting for them at the wheel. Not far away, Avdushev was sitting in a Toyota Camry with a walkie-talkie, watching and coordinating. On October 13, Lukyants and Avdushev were detained with SOBR. With operatives they talk refused.

The investigation insisted on the arrest of Lukyants, as he is a former FSB officer, familiar with the methods of operational search and investigative actions. That’s why he left in “Matiz” incendiary device, which was supposed to work and destroy the car with prints and other genetic traces. But the device was not activated due to sudden detention. Avdushev tried to escape, resisted and injured the policeman.

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