March 31, 2023

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The dean of College of Industrial Technical Engineers of HuelvaManuel León has delivered the Gold medal from school to Huelva Federation of Entrepreneurs (FOE) in a ceremony held on Friday in the COITI auditorium.

A distinction, through which “the Governing Board of this professional group has wanted to recognize and thank the FOE for its participation in the economic development of the province of Huelva, always defending business interests and being the voice of the needs of Huelva in all its areas.

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The vice dean of the College, Juan Carlos Duarte, was in charge of praising a pioneering institution in the country “for being the first business association to be established in Spain.” Duarte stressed that the FOE is the “true engine of Huelva’s economy, bringing together, among many others, the companies that provide work and professional activity to our members.”

For his part, the president of the FOE, José Luis García Palacios, expressed his gratitude to the school and wanted with his words to dedicate this distinction “to the courage of those 45 founders who began working almost half a century ago to try to improve our province, as well as as well as those who continue to work for it today”.

García Palacios highlighted that “this business organization is a benchmark at the national level, as is Huelva in many things and the FOE over the course of 46 years has witnessed many references that have joined hands to try, among all of us, to make this province, which we all deny seeing, a fertile land of opportunities with a guaranteed future and with the firm commitment to improve the future of our next generations”

Likewise, it has been an afternoon of emotions for the youths who begin their professional careers who have been awarded the College insignia, a symbol with which this group welcomes them.

The dean, Manuel León, has addressed them, the new affiliated members, “as the future, not only of the profession but of this institution” “we want you to feel the school as something yours, do not walk alone, count on your school that He will always be here, protecting you professionally”.

The dean also had words of gratitude for the colleagues who have completed 25 and 50 years of membership, and he has addressed them with immense affection. “Present and past of the profession”. Those who are active have been referred to as the generation that has known how to “be avant-garde, adopting times in which engineering has been the focus of many changes, both in terms of technology, sustainability, regulations… but of the many qualities that we have industrial technical engineers, versatility is what best defines us and we have been demonstrating it throughout history”

Of the colleagues who have celebrated their golden wedding anniversary, Manuel León has highlighted their dedication to service “you have been able to grow, innovate, solve problems and above all set the bar very high for the generations that follow you”.

On the day of the patron, a large group of representatives of the social, political and economic life of the city gathered at the school headquarters, including the deputy mayor of the Huelva City Council, Manuel Gómez, the territorial delegate of Economy, Treasury , European Funds and Industrial Policy and Energy of the Junta de Andalucía, Lucía Núñez, as well as civil, military and academic authorities who wanted to support technical industrial engineers with their assistance, on the big day of their profession, a profession that as The dean highlighted during his speech “it is key for the development of projects in the industry, the business fabric, economic development and society in general”.

Manuel León also stressed the importance of the school “a fundamental institution to be able to offer society what it expects of us: security, guarantee and innovation, taking care of the adequate level of quality of professional services”.

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