March 31, 2023

Chinese enterprises have delivered to Russia at least one thousand rifles, as well as a variety of ammunition and equipment that can be used for military operations, writes on Thursday, March 16, the American edition of Politico. According to the publication, based on analysis of information from customs data aggregator Import Genius, at least one of the supplying enterprises was associated with Chinese state.

As stated in the publication, one of the largest state defense contractors in China, China North Industries Group Corporation Limited, sent the Russian company Tekhkrim in 2022 CQ-A assault rifles copied from the American M16. According to the documents, these products were held as “civilian hunting rifles”.

The publication emphasizes that so far there is no evidence that the rifles were used by Russian forces in Ukraine, but Chinese drones of the DJI brand from Da-Jiang Innovations Science & Technology Co, located there, have already been seen there. under US sanctions.

“Dual-use” goods from China to Russia

Among what they could get in the Russian Federation, there were also parts for Chinese-made drones from this company – 12 batches of spare parts, including batteries and cameras, went to the Russian Federation through the UAE. Also, Chinese body armor – a cargo of more than 12 tons – was transported from China to the Russian Federation through Turkey at the end of 2022, writes Politico.

According to available data, Beijing is not yet supplying Moscow with a large number of weapons directly to support the fighting in Ukraine. However, as journalists have established, “dual-use” goods are coming from China to Russia – this is equipment that can be ordered through ordinary commercial routes, but then used for military purposes.

This is the first confirmation that China is supplying rifles and body armor to the Russian Federation, and also continues to supply drones and spare parts for them.

Possible deliveries of Chinese weapons to the Russian Federation

Earlier, on February 26, director Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) USA William Burns said in an interview with CBS News that Washington is “confident” – China is considering supplying lethal weapons to Russia for the war against Ukraine, but the final decision has not yet been made.

A week earlier, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said on CBS’s Face the Nation that China was “considering providing lethal support” to Russia for wars against Ukraine. He added that this lethal support could include “everything from ammunition to weapons themselves.”

In China deny such supplies.

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