May 28, 2023

The St. Petersburg law on the regulation of the taxi market will probably not include the provision on the certification of drivers, although the federal law allows such a region. In Smolny, they believe that there are enough filters for the time being.

About what is already included in the bill, Fontanka talked to one of its authors, Alexei Tsivilevyi, and the head of the Komtrans, Valentin Enokaev. According to the latter, the impact of certification on the market is not obvious: “[Если ее провести], then some contingent of drivers will leave and will not be allowed for one reason or another. Will it affect the average check? Economy class will become more expensive. But even now the client can choose the “comfort” or “comfort plus” class. That is, the consumer, calling a taxi, understands the level of service that awaits him. And whether it is worth putting an additional filter into certification is a good question.”

In addition, the chairman of the transport committee emphasized that the aggregators themselves filter out drivers by their own metrics. The bill indicates the existence of three registries – aggregators, cars and drivers. So even at the stage of getting into the third of them, the driver will have to confirm compliance with a number of requirements.

The third reason is the need to create a huge apparatus for remote testing of tens of thousands of people.

At the same time, Aleksey Tsivilev believes that this norm can still be introduced at the next stage.

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