March 23, 2023

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The delegates of CCOO in it Provincial Firefighters Consortium They have denounced the management that the acting president of the entity, Cristóbal Romero, is carrying out “governing and deciding on the rights of workers based on concessions by Decree, attributing unilaterally the power of negotiation.”

A situation that is, as the union representatives have pointed out, is “inadmissible” and they ask once again, the Provincial Council of Huelva to “seek a way out of the composition of the General Negotiation Table in the Provincial Consortium of Firefighters of Huelva”.

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And it is that as it has been underlined from the CCOO the “Andalusian Superior Court of Justice, after a judicial process resolved in the year 2020, urged the Provincial Council of Huelva to seek a solution in the composition of the negotiating tables, something that is not has fulfilled”.

In this sense, the union has ensured that “the president of the consortium is clearly violating Article 33 of Royal Legislative Decree 5/2015, of October 30, which approves the consolidated text of the Statute Law Basic of the Public Employee, which textually includes that the collective negotiation of working conditions of public officials that will be subject to the principles of legality, budgetary coverage, obligation, good negotiating faith, publicity and transparency, will be carried out through the exercise of the representative capacity recognized to union organizations in articles 6.3.c); 7.1 and 7.2 of Organic Law 11/1985, of August 2, on Freedom of Association, and the provisions of this chapter”.

In this way, from CCOOthe majority union at the regional and national level, “we ask for the application of the law immediately, since they are voluntarily, continuously and prolonged over time, violating the rights recognized in the labor field and collective bargaining, both of the workers as well as their legitimately elected union representatives.

Lastly, union representatives have been forceful in stating that “we will not allow the attitude, clearly inadmissible and intolerable, on the part of the acting president and we will appeal to the Courts, with as many measures as are carried out by these improper methods of a Administration, which with its attitude demonstrates a major lack of knowledge about the rights to collective bargaining, protected by the Public Employee Statute and the Law on Freedom of Association, among others.

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