June 5, 2023

Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov spoke about awarding the title of honorary citizen of the city to singer Edita Piekha. In an interview on TV channel “78” he noticed that the artist deserved this title.

“Let’s just rejoice, we have restored justice. The rest is details. Honorary citizens of St. Petersburg are not selected on command. There are parliamentary factions, there are communities, interest groups, overlays, lobbying… Let me remind you that since 2016 the governor has not nominated candidates for this title, but we are working constructively with deputies,” he added.

On May 24, new honorary citizens were elected in the St. Petersburg parliament. They were the singer Edita Piekha and the blockade survivor Nadezhda Strogonova. Piekha has already applied for this title 14 times, but each time she was refused.

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