March 23, 2023

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The city of Jaén has served as a link for the four towns with Beas in their name who have signed an agreement twinning.

In addition to Diego Lorenzo Becerril as mayor of Beas, José Alberto Rodríguez, first mayor of Beas de Segura, Manuel Martín, mayor of Beas de Granada and Rosa Martínez, mayoress of Beas, were present at the ceremony held at the IFEJA in the capital of Jaén. from Guadix. Said act was presided over by Francisca Medina, vice-president of the Provincial Council of Jaén.

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The agreement signed by the mayors and mayors will be taken to the different municipal plenary sessions and the brotherhoods of all the towns will also be involved.

After the institutional agreement, it was time to visit the first host town, Beas de Segura. There, it was possible to enjoy the heritage of the municipality with a visit to its town hall, as well as a visit to the community of the Madres Carmelitas. And finally, all the participants have enjoyed the Natao Association for the recovery of the root songs and dances of the area.

A day to strengthen ties, which will be repeated in beas (Huelva) next year in the month of March 2024, as we have agreed. Here we will welcome you with love, as the people of Beas know how to do.

Diego Lorenzo Becerril is very happy with this twinning. “Thanks to those who have made it possible, among them the neighbors of our town that last October we visited Beas, where we also have a very dear ambassador there in our countrywoman Clarines Bando. Also to Diego Alvarez who has facilitated this beautiful meeting. It has been a very gratifying experience that will serve to strengthen the bond ”, he commented.

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