March 30, 2023

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Every year we live the same relinquishment of responsibility of the Ministry of Education and various additions when, on these dates of registration, reservation of place or pre-registration consents that, without any response or warning, the lists of “the best schools from Spain”.

Although it is true that public secondary education centers would clearly be left out of that denomination, it is also true that infant and primary schools do enter and, above all, that the reader does not notice such subtleties and, in general, thinks that the The best schools are simply the best schools.

Junta de Andalucía.  Education

In case there is any doubt that in this «ranking» Only private and subsidized centers enter, I encourage the doubtful reader to look for any center that does not have these characteristics in those lists and to reflect on its authorship and intention.

It will also deduce that since the educational administration itself should have been the source of the news, it may not be its objective to make any rank public out of common sense or ideology, which does not exclude the clarification that public schools or institutes have not been evaluated. .

Well, that’s how we continue, manipulating and letting ourselves be manipulated, telling half-truths that need the other half to contradict Don Antonio Machado: “they’ll say you lie twice/if you tell the other half.”

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