March 31, 2023

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The councilors for Employment, Economic Development and Strategic Planning, Jesús Manuel Bueno, and for Social Policies and Gender Equality Huelva City HallMaría José Pulido, have visited the headquarters of Unleashing Ideasin Paseo Santa Fe, where they are teaching three integrated insertion itineraries for young people at risk of social and labor exclusion and focused on auxiliary warehouse activities; sales activities; and local retail.

Received by the administrator of the Cooperative, Andrés García, in addition to the teachers involved in the itineraries, they have shared a lively talk with the 45 students in which the enthusiasm and desire to take advantage of the opportunity of young people has been revealed. .

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Jesús Manuel Bueno, who congratulated both the students and the managers and technicians of Desatando Ideas, encouraged them to “continue making an effort because the initiative represents a real opportunity for the future.” In this sense, he pointed out that “training allows us to show the most human face of Edusi and its transformative capacity, because in addition to obtaining public spaces for sports or coexistence, we are committed to the social integration of people with more difficulties , offering them the opportunity to acquire and certify skills that, as in this case, have enormous projection and future prospects, not only as a work project, but as a vital one, to achieve happiness”.

For her part, María José Pulido stressed that “throughout the entire process, students receive continuous guidance, through individualized tutorials that favor the teaching-learning process with the aim of enhancing the development of their abilities , competencies and abilities”.

In this case, it is about three integrated itineraries of insertion in the specialty of Commerce. With the attendance of about 15 students per course, these actions involve an average of 170 hours, of which 40% correspond to internships in companies from Huelva.

Specifically, the itineraries are focused on auxiliary warehouse activities; sales activities; and local retail. Currently, the students are finishing the theoretical part and will start with the practices after Easter in the first two, while the third will start with the theoretical phase in the coming weeks.

Agreements have already been signed with Carrefour Market, Carrefour Centro Comercial, Traperos de Maus, Prelar Textil, Consumogusto, OnubaBike and Sprinter to carry out the practices.

Each itinerary includes a previous Employability Diagnosis interview and at the end, follow-up sessions and labor accompaniment with each of the students. Desatando Ideas confirm that it has been possible to meet all the demand, “no one has been left out, for this reason there are 19 students in some itineraries, such as warehouse assistant”.

The profile of the students responds to young people between 16 and 30 years of age, unemployed and with special difficulties in accessing the employment for various reasons of social exclusion. Most have access to formal education disabled.

The insertion itineraries are made up of a coherent set of actions that improve a person’s level of employability, increase their chances of accessing the labor market and facilitate their social inclusion. The development of the itinerary involves carrying out the actions planned to achieve the proposed objectives, consisting of training at the training center, with the possibility of the company participating in the training and direct training in the company through the completion of supervised practices.

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