June 3, 2023

A resident of St. Petersburg, who was deceived when buying a bulletproof vest, was given ammunition for her mobilized husband on May 18. The necessary amount for the purchase was collected by the subscribers of the supporter of the right-wing movement “Society. The Future” Savva Fedoseev.

Savva Fedoseev

“I gave Natalya’s husband a Ratnik bulletproof vest with Granite assault plates, a Mich helmet with a case and a first aid kit. Thank you to everyone who supported this fundraiser.” wrote in his Telegram channel Fedoseev.

He urged everyone who orders goods on the Internet to “double, or even triple” check the sellers.

About how a Petersburger was deceived on the Internet, earlier reported “Fountain”. The seller found her through a Telegram chat where people sell and exchange military equipment. For a bulletproof vest, an unknown person asked for 41 thousand rubles. The price arranged for the woman and she transferred the money.

The fraudster appointed the place and time of receipt and threw off the number of the person who will hand over the bulletproof vest. At the appointed time, no one came to the meeting. The victim then contacted the police.

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