June 5, 2023

Fontanka became aware of the details of the incident on Ligovsky Prospekt, where a man with a backpack threatened a man with a beard with a gun. Spectacular video our reader sent to the editor on May 6.

A call with a message about a crime was received by the police of the Frunzensky district on the afternoon of May 5. The man said in a slightly agitated but firm voice:

⁃ I live on Ligovsky, I went for a walk, I see a drug dealer.

⁃ How did you know it was a drug dealer?

⁃ He is obviously a migrant and has a beard.

⁃ …

⁃ I’m taking measures – going to civil arrest.

⁃ And what do you have, – the duty officer asked cautiously, – you have a weapon.

⁃ Certainly!

A few minutes later, several police squads arrived at house 148 on Ligovsky Prospekt. The caller did have a pistol, but it was a pneumatic one. In the video filmed by eyewitnesses, he only twists them, but does not shoot. He did not shoot behind the scenes, the police found out.

“Strelok” was taken to the police, the examination showed that he was sober, did not take drugs. A protocol on petty hooliganism was drawn up against him. Whether measures of compulsory treatment are still necessary here must be decided by the court.

“It’s clear that he [не совсем нормальный]but it’s not clear what to do with it, ”the police shared with Fontanka.

Law enforcement officers have no questions for a man with a beard.

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