June 5, 2023

An eleventh-grader hit a classmate with a knife on a ruler in honor of the last bell in the Volgograd region. About this on May 23 with reference to a source in law enforcement agencies informs RIA News. According to preliminary data, this happened in the village of Ilovlya.

How writes local edition V1.ru, citing emergency services, the young man brought a penknife to school.

Edition published video of an attack on a schoolgirl, which was accidentally filmed during the last call. As can be seen and heard on the video, the graduates are standing with ribbons on the stage, the director is making some kind of speech at the pedestal. After some time, a scream is heard from the stage – a classmate attacked one of the girls.

Judging by the footage, the young man slipped a knife to the neck of a classmate. Other guys immediately arrived to help the screaming girl. According to the publication, the girl did not need hospitalization, but she was still provided with medical care.

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