June 4, 2023

The police of St. Petersburg again establishes the circumstances of an accident in the yards, as a result of which a child was injured. This time it happened in the Nevsky district of the city, and a schoolboy on a scooter got hit by a car.

At 19:15 on April 25 near house 3, building 1 on Narodnaya Street, a 41-year-old man, moving in his Skoda Octavia through the yard, knocked down an 11-year-old boy, Fontanka learned on April 26. A fourth-grader was riding a scooter from right to left in the direction of the car. On the street he was unaccompanied by adults.

As a result of the accident, the child received a closed craniocerebral injury, a concussion and a broken arm. He was hospitalized in a state of moderate severity. The Skoda driver was brought to administrative responsibility for traffic violations 24 times in 2022-2023.

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