June 5, 2023

We invite you to take part in the intensive specialized educational program “Reserve School” on the basis of the Kenozersky National Park in the Arkhangelsk Region. An exciting cycle of workshops in the natural sciences, organized by the Vzlyot Educational Center and the Russian Geographical Society, will be held from June 18 to June 26, 2023 in full-time format.

The profile program involves immersion in scientific activities in the following areas: biology and ecology, geography, nature conservation. Participants will get acquainted with the basics of environmental protection in Russia.

Intensive workshops will allow mastering the methods of biogeography, geobotany, landscape science and other disciplines. Participation in the educational program “Reserve School” is a great chance to try yourself as a field researcher and start a scientific career.

IMPORTANT! Students of the 8th-10th grades of educational institutions of the Moscow Region who have passed the first stage of the competitive selection on the website of the Vzlyot educational center are invited to participate in the competition.

Travel to the venue of the program, accommodation and meals for participants are provided at the expense of the Vzlyot educational center. have time apply until 18:00 May 14, 2023.

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