March 30, 2023

Photo: TNT channel

On March 18 at 21:00, viewers will see the final episode of the show “Sweetie”. News about the project is spreading at the speed of light in the media and social networks throughout the country, and many lyrics by unknown authors have already entered the repertoire of the stars who performed them. We invite you to recall the bright winners of the show together and find out how they will dispose (or have already disposed) of their winnings.

The winner of the 1st edition, Kirill Matryashin, Volzhsky: “I haven’t spent the winnings yet, it lies in a safe place and is waiting in the wings. I plan to spend most of it on new musical equipment, and I will invest the rest in preparations for the wedding.

3rd edition winner, Roman Stalyukov, Pskov: “I plan to spend my winnings on new instruments for recording my songs, and I also want to purchase a sound card, a new acoustic electric guitar, a MIDI keyboard and a studio microphone. And, of course, a more powerful computer for creating arrangements!”

The winner of the 4th edition, Alexey Avaryasov, Khabarovsk: “We invested in the development of the Beaver Brotherhood group. We have already purchased sound recording equipment, and spent part of the money on advertising. We also paid for the work of the artist to create promotional posters and prints for merch, which we will release for fans of our work. We also spent part of the amount on round-trip tickets for concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg, which are scheduled in May.”

5th edition winner, Tourtass, Tyumen: “We plan to spend the cash prize on strategic activities to expand the fanbase of the team. To do this, we will update and improve the equipment park in the studio (guitar, drums, perhaps sound processing devices) and then record many amazing songs about love and hate, advance and salary, pigeons and bicycles.

The winner of the 6th edition, Vladimir Golodny, Volgograd: “I plan to spend the winnings on the development of my creativity: I need to upgrade the computer for editing, purchase equipment for recording video and music. I also plan to spend part of the money on courses in professional photo and video processing, graphics, recording and music creation.

Watch the final episode of the show “Konfetka” on March 18 at 21:00 on TNT!

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