March 30, 2023

Choosing a perfume for many women can be a daunting task. By spring, you usually want to buy something light and not very intrusive. However, it often happens that the fragrance chosen in the store at home is no longer very pleasant, and when walking down the street it does not open up at all the way you wanted. It is impossible to formally approach the process, and it is even better to take into account several recommendations.

Learn Composition

Think about what perfume compositions you like the most: floral, fruity, oriental, woody. When you come to the store, you no longer have to try dozens of options, you will definitely know what to start from.

Decide on the type of perfume

There are several types of perfume – perfume, eau de toilette, cologne, perfume oil, sprays. Perfumes have the highest concentration of aromatic oils, so their smell is the most persistent and rich. Eau de toilette has a lighter and fresher scent that is great for spring. Cologne has become an attribute of predominantly male perfumery. However, women’s fragrances of well-known perfume houses were also produced in such a concentration earlier. Perfume oil has the most delicate aroma. It is usually used on the skin to create a light plume. Perfume sprays are also designed to lightly scent skin, hair, or clothing. Their durability is quite weak.

Don’t buy in bulk

You don’t need to buy a large amount at once. Take a closer look at the “road” format. Some perfume houses produce fragrances in containers of 5-10 ml. So you can evaluate the perfume for several days and understand how it suits your personality. Vogue.

Test on skin

Before you buy a perfume, be sure to try it. Remember that on the skin, the fragrance will reveal itself in a completely different way. Apply a small amount to your wrist or neck and enjoy the fragrance after a few minutes.

Consider the time of day

The choice of perfume for spring also depends on the time of day when you wear it. For example, a light and fresh fragrance that is not too rich or heavy is suitable for daytime use. In the evening, you can choose a more intense option.

Don’t buy immediately after evaluating a fragrance

Remember that the scent of a perfume can change throughout the day. Therefore, do not buy a bottle immediately after evaluating the fragrance on the skin. Wait a few hours to feel how it will change.

Consider your personality and style

Choosing a perfume for spring also depends on your personality and style. If you are a calm and sensible person, then a more gentle and light fragrance will probably suit you. If you are energetic and dynamic, you can choose a more intense one. Also consider your clothing style and makeup preferences to find a perfume that will be in harmony with your overall image.

Don’t be afraid to experiment

Do not be afraid to experiment with perfumes and choose unusual compositions. Spring is a time of opportunity and discovery, so feel free to try something new for yourself. You may find a new favorite scent.

How long the fragrance of perfume, perfume or toilet water will stay on the skin depends on many factors. Extend the life of perfume can be done with a few tricks.

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