March 31, 2023

In winter, many plants are dormant, which means that they slow down growth. With the advent of spring, it may take some time for them to fully “wake up”. At this moment, it is time for flower growers to act. Head of The Little Botanical Morag Hill toldwhat needs to be done for lush flowering and rapid growth of flowers.

“Get your plants in order to encourage new growth and keep pests away. First, inspect the base of the flower, remove any leaves that have fallen into the soil, as they can attract pests and promote mold growth. Lightly dampen a clean pair of scissors or pruners and cut off any brown leaves. Where there are dry tips or edges, just cut off the affected area,” she advised.

March is “the perfect time” to transplant any houseplants, she says. Most of them need this procedure every 12-18 months. The grower noted that repotting gives the flowers more room to grow, allows the roots to get more air, and provides essential nutrients. “When choosing a new pot for your plant, go for one that’s a few inches larger than the old one,” Hill added.

In addition, do not forget about feeding. There are many brands available on the market today, but it is important to choose the right one, depending on which plant needs fertilizer. For example, for orchids and succulents, you need to select special products. It is important to make sure they have nitrogen and phosphorus to provide nutrition.

In addition, you can already think about a new place for plants. As the days get longer and the sun gets stronger, you need to move the flowers out of direct sunlight or, conversely, put them closer to the light for good photosynthesis.

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