March 29, 2023

Nebenzya: the West has 2 months to lift sanctions on food exports from Russia

Western countries have two months to withdraw from sanctions operations with fertilizers and foodstuffs from Russia. Such a statement was made by the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Vasily Nebenzya, speaking at a meeting of the organization’s Security Council. He stressed that Russia’s agreements on the export of food and fertilizers have not been fulfilled one iota.

US Congress says Trump hid expensive gifts from foreign governments

Former President of the United States Donald Trump did not report about all the expensive gifts that he got from foreign governments during his tenure as head of state. This includes gold golf clubs worth $4,000, which he received from the Prime Minister of Japan.

Kyiv proposed to extend the “grain deal” to the ports of Nikolaev

Ukraine offers extend the “grain deal” for 120 days and extend its operation to the ports of the Nikolaev region. Such a statement was made at a meeting of the UN Security Council by the permanent representative of Ukraine to the world organization Serhiy Kislitsa.

NYT: Metropolitan Opera to pay Netrebko $200,000 for canceled performances

The arbitrator ordered the leadership of the New York Metropolitan Opera pay the singer Anna Netrebko $200,000 compensation for canceled performances. The New York Times writes about it. According to the newspaper, the arbitrator made such a decision back in February, but it became known about it only now. He estimated the 13 performances of the artist, canceled last year, at more than $ 200 thousand. According to the publication, one of the clauses of the singer’s contract with the theater provides for the payment of a fee to the artist even if the performance is cancelled.

Over the year, short-term apartment rentals have risen in price by 18–25%

The high demand for travel around the country and the desire of travelers to save money contribute to an increase in interest in short-term rental apartments. Over the year, tourist rentals have risen in price by 18-25%, exceeding the rate of price growth in hotels. Tourist housing is actively rising in price in Voronezh, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod and St. Petersburg, where travelers make short trips. The average cost of short-term apartment rentals in million-plus cities increased by 18% over the year, to 2.49 thousand rubles. per day, notes “Kommersant”.

Funds from the National Welfare Fund will be used to solve problems of housing and communal services

Resource supply companies will be reimbursed for the construction of engineering networks, write “Izvestia” with reference to the FAS RF. The Ministry of Construction has not yet commented on the initiative. It is expected that the adoption of the draft document will help increase the annual volume of housing commissioning. Last year, 102.7 million sq. m of housing, the year before – 92.6 million square meters. m, reported in the office of Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin. It is noted that the new FAS measure can reduce the cost of construction and affect the price per square meter.

Pushed off from the bottom: the Russian auto industry began to increase production

The events of February 2022 may have changed the Russian auto industry forever. Over 40 foreign car brands have left the country, the rest are trying to get rid of their assets. The machines themselves have become much more expensive, and it has become more expensive and more difficult to maintain them. What allowed Russian manufacturers to resist, and will they be able to compete with Chinese brands, understood “Profile”.

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