March 30, 2023

Russia resumes the program of construction of military icebreakers

Sources in the military department told “Izvestia” about the decision already taken to resume the construction of a series of combat icebreakers of project 21180 / 21180M – “Ilya Muromets”. It is expected that the transfer of the icebreaker under the updated project to the Russian Navy will take place before 2027. However, the interlocutors of the newspaper also admitted that this period could “go to the right.”

Russia will tighten the rules for working with personal data

The Ministry of Finance submitted two bills to the relevant committee of the State Duma at once – one concerns strengthening the administrative responsibility of companies for the leakage of personal data, the second already provides for criminal liability for the sale and theft of such information. Experts believe that the introduction of these rules will lead to an increase in prices for the services of telecom operators, online services and enterprises whose work is related to data processing, found out “Kommersant”.

The number of phishing sites in Russia has tripled

In January and February 2023, the number of phishing sites in the .ru and .рф domain zones amounted to 5.2 thousand, which is almost three times higher than in 2022, when only 1.85 thousand such sites were detected. One of the reasons for this, the experts interviewed by Izvestia called “message with SSL certificates”.

Turkey probably stopped serving and refueling some aircraft from Russia

Ankara at the request of Washington stopped serving and refueling some planes from Russia and Belarus, the relevant Turkish media wrote about this. Seven Russian airlines fell under the proposed ban at once. Later, however, two of them, Aeroflot and S7, reported that the flights were operating normally.

Pyongyang announces readiness to respond with nuclear weapons to nuclear weapons

North Korea says it will test its Hwaseongpo-17 intercontinental ballistic missile on March 16 held as a response for joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un personally watched the ICBM launch and warned that Pyongyang was ready to respond “to nuclear weapons with nuclear weapons.”

Concrete proposals for a new system of higher education in the Russian Federation will be announced by the summer

Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Valery Falkov announced that specific proposals to change the system of higher education in the country to be expected by the summer. At the moment, there is a study and discussion of issues related to what they are going to improve in general.

What exactly worries the US about Chinese mediation in the Middle East?

Iran and Saudi Arabia agreed to restore diplomatic relations, which were severed in 2016. China played a major role in the agreement. This may signal a decrease in US influence in the region – “Profile” figured out in detail what exactly worries Washington in Chinese mediation in the region.

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