March 29, 2023
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Unlike Europeans or Americans, the Japanese do not consider Russians gloomy and harsh. In addition, they are sure that Russians are good-natured and open people, and Eastern residents value Russian frankness the most. The Japanese also like our tradition of shaking hands when we meet, because it shortens the distance and helps to get closer. The Japanese themselves, when meeting, exchange only bows, and the handshake remains exclusively for close friends.

Nevertheless, Japanese residents are sure that Russians do not really like to work. In their opinion, an eight-hour working day, two days off a week and a month-long vacation is an unimaginable luxury. The Japanese, on the other hand, often work 80 hours a week without days off and holidays. Therefore, it is a pleasure for them to find a job in Russian companies and work in a sparing mode with the New Year and May holidays, write “Subtleties of tourism”.

In addition, the Japanese are convinced that every Russian family has a country house with a plot where you can relax.

In addition, the men of Japan are not against tying the knot with Russian women: they are sure that in the Russian Federation all women, without exception, are tall, slender beauties with big eyes, who always look good.

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