March 21, 2023
Chinese aircraft
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The US Department of Transportation is exploring the possibility of banning Chinese airlines from using Russian airspace to deliver passengers to the States. About this on Saturday, March 18, informs The New York Times, citing sources.

According to the publication, American companies were forced to change the plan for trans-Pacific flights due to the loss of polar routes, as well as reduce the number of cargo and passengers. As a result, carriers suffer losses because foreign competitors are able to fly through Russia and deliver passengers faster at a lower cost. According to the US, this gives them an “unfair advantage”.

As a result, American airlines have asked the White House and Congress to impose restrictions on foreign carriers that are imposed on themselves. It is noted that US competitors “are actually forced to fly on the same routes used by American airlines.”

Now, airlines are demanding the White House and Congress address this issue by imposing the same restrictions on foreign carriers from countries that have not yet been banned from flying in Russian airspace that US airlines have. In particular, the press secretary of Airlines for America, Marley Collier, proposed to ban foreign aircraft from using US airports.

A draft of the relevant decree is currently under consideration.

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