March 29, 2023
Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump


Former United States President Donald Trump has not reported on all the expensive gifts he received from foreign governments during his tenure as head of state. This includes gold golf clubs worth $4,000, which he received from the Prime Minister of Japan.

Another expensive offering was almost $9,000 worth of swords from the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. The hidden gifts were reported by the House Committee on Congressional Oversight, transmits March 18 RIA Novosti.

According to the committee, Trump accepted gifts more expensive than was prescribed by US law. In addition, the ex-president did not report them and kept them for himself, although the gifts, according to the rules, must be deposited with the state. The total value of the gifts that Trump hid is estimated at $250,000.

Former incumbent President of the United States refuted reports that members of his family could receive payments of $1.3 million from a Chinese company. The accusation was made by the Republican-controlled Committee on Oversight and Accountability of the House of Representatives of the US Congress.

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