March 31, 2023
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A travel blogger from Russia spoke about several facts from the life of her compatriots that are not in the United States and that Americans envy. In her opinion, she shared blog “Like Travel Travel”.

According to the girl, US residents are jealous that Russians can turn to their parents for help. It is about both the financial aspect and the upbringing of children. At the same time, a successful career and the late creation of a family are considered a feature of the American mentality, and it is customary to leave small children with a nanny.

“The second fact that Americans envy is a paid maternity leave of a year and a half. In America, women go to work after three months so as not to lose their jobs and not lose their professional skills,” the blogger noted. Because of this, women prefer to have children closer to the age of 40, when they have already established themselves in their careers and earned money for maternity leave.

In addition, Americans are jealous of the fact that Russians own a large amount of real estate, the traveler added. For example, many families in the Russian Federation have not only apartments, but also dachas, land plots, and garages. The blogger noted that the Russians think about the inheritance of children when they have not yet been born. At the same time, US residents usually prefer to rent a house, rather than buy it and pass it on to the younger generation.

“Therefore, Americans are surprised how, with such significantly small salaries in comparison with them, the Russians have a lot of real estate. Moreover, not only for living, but also for renting out,” she added.

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