March 31, 2023

Russian leader Vladimir Putin signed a law renaming four district courts in Grozny after the national leaders of Chechnya. The Leninsky District Court will be renamed the Akhmatovsky District Court, the Oktyabrsky District Court will be renamed Baysangurovsky, Staropromyslovsky – Visaitovsky, Zavodskoy – Sheikh-Mansurovsky. Law signed by the President of the Russian Federation, published on Saturday, March 18 on the official online portal of legal information

The financial and economic justification indicated that after the renaming of the ships, it would be necessary to produce stands, stamps, official seals and outdoor signs. For these purposes, it will be necessary to allocate 268 thousand rubles from the federal budget, reports RIA News.

Earlier, Alexander Gusev, Director General of the Judicial Department at the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, said that Russian legislation does not have a mechanism for renaming courts. According to Gusev, the renaming of the courts may lead to the reappointment of judges by Putin. Judges of federal courts of general jurisdiction are appointed by the President of Russia.

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