March 30, 2023
Maya Sandu

Moldovan President Maia Sandu

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Moldovan President Maia Sandu commented on the bill, which allows renaming the state language from Moldovan to Romanian. According to her, she will sign it as soon as it hits her desk.

The politician made this statement on the air of the Moldova 1 TV channel. On Friday, March 17, writes RIA News.

“I’m glad that this problem has finally been resolved. Because we speak Romanian,” Sandu said. She believes that it was “illogical” that the laws are written differently.

Formerly Moldovan Parliament approved the bill in the second reading, which allows you to rename the state language from Moldovan to Romanian. Deputies of the ruling party greeted this decision with applause. However, the bill drew criticism from the opposition.

The decision of the Constitutional Court of the country of December 5, 2013 stated that the state language of Moldova is Romanian. But in the country’s constitution, Moldovan is indicated as the state language.

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