March 31, 2023
Long-liver from Yemen Ali Anter

Long-liver from Yemen Ali Anter

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A resident of Yemen died after an unsuccessful operation, during which a local healer tried to rid him of horn-like growths on his forehead. How informs The Sun, a long-liver named Ali Anter became famous because of his unusual defect.

According to relatives, the man began to grow formations resembling horns on both sides of his forehead since he was 100 years old. Since that time, the growths have steadily increased. One of them began to curl up into a spiral and almost reached the chin.

The “horn” greatly interfered with Ali, so it was decided to amputate it. However, the operation was not performed by a qualified doctor, but by a local healer. According to the publication, he used red-hot tools to remove the build-up.

The relatives of the old man said that he was over 130 years old, and the cause of death was fragile health. Nevertheless, they admit that the deterioration of health was provoked by an unsuccessful operation.

By information RT Arabic, Ali did suffer from a rare anomaly, but he died many years ago. The cause of his death was also called an unsuccessful amputation of formations on his head, however, there is no official confirmation of this fact.

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