March 30, 2023
Gas storage in Germany
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Germany may face a shortage of gas next winter, said the head of the Federal Network Agency (regulator) of Germany, Klaus Müller. In his opinion, wholesale prices for electricity can only drop in six months or a year, and the era of cheap Russian energy for Germany is finally over.

“We cannot rule out a shortage of gas for next winter. The risk factors are that the winter of 2023/24 could be very cold, that households and companies are not saving enough,” – noted Müller in an interview with the Rheinische Post.

He added that additional problems could arise if the infrastructure for importing liquefied natural gas (LNG) planned in Germany does not justify itself, and if neighboring states require future supply support from Germany.

Muller said consumers should only expect gas prices to drop in a few months. He expressed the hope that businesses will also feel the price reduction. “However, it will not be as cheap as in 2021. We have to get used to higher prices, the era of cheap energy from Russia is finally over,” Muller concluded.

Earlier it was reported that the German government intends to speed up the process construction of liquefied natural gas terminals. In addition, the infrastructure of the Russian Nord Stream gas pipeline can be used for a new LNG terminal. The German government is also considering the possibility of direct withdrawal of gas, oil or electricity from companies.

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