March 29, 2023
Peter Pavel

President-elect of the Czech Republic, retired General Petr Pavel

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This year, the Ukrainian army will have only one attempt to launch a large-scale counteroffensive. If it ends in failure, it will be difficult for Western countries to raise resources for a second similar attempt, Czech President Petr Pavel believes. His position leads “Radio 1” with reference to the Polish media.

“The window of opportunity is open this year. After next winter, it will be extremely difficult to maintain the current level of assistance. War fatigue is not only the depletion of human resources and equipment, the destruction of infrastructure in Ukraine, but also fatigue in the countries that provide assistance,” he explained. Czech leader.

Petr Pavel believes that Ukraine should launch a counteroffensive in the coming months. He also recalled the US presidential election scheduled for November next year.

“America’s interest in Ukraine and the level of assistance may decline next year. And when America’s interest falls, many European countries will do the same,” the Czech president said.

At the same time, on March 10, Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Mykhailo Podolyak informedthat the Ukrainian armed forces are focused on a counter-offensive that will take place in about two months. According to him, the army needs to increase the supply of heavy artillery shells of 155 mm caliber – the politician emphasized that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are in no hurry.

On March 12, it was also reported that Kyiv preparing an offensivebut it will not start until there are not enough weapons and ammunition.

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