March 31, 2023
Military assistance to Ukraine
© Volodymyr Tarasov/Keystone Press Agency/Global Look Press

By supplying weapons to Kyiv, the West set off a ticking time bomb as the decision increased arms trafficking around the world. This statement was addressed by the European Parliament member from France Dominique Bild to the European Commission.

Bild recalled that the total amount of support for Ukraine from the EU since the start of the Russian special operation amounted to €3.1 billion. “Combined with the complete lack of control from the Western and Ukrainian authorities, this clearly provided an inexhaustible supply of modern weapons to black markets around the world,” – she emphasized.

The MP also noted that weapons used in the Ukrainian conflict began to seep into the area of ​​the Lake Chad basin, as Nigerian President Muhammad Buhari had previously said. Bild asked the EC what it intends to do to combat this problem and how it plans to work with African countries to deal with arms trafficking.

Earlier in the United States, they announced that they had accepted anti-diversion plan advanced weapons in Eastern Europe. The document refers to weapons that are supplied to Ukraine as part of military assistance. The State Department reported concerns about the possible entry of weapons to criminal elements or “non-state actors.”

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