March 29, 2023
Jan Emeric Rosciszewski

Polish Ambassador to France Jan Emeric Rosciszewski

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Polish Ambassador to France Jan Emeric Rosciszewski said in an interview that a situation could arise in which Warsaw would have to enter into a direct conflict with Moscow. However, later, the Polish diplomatic mission in Paris stated that the ambassador’s words were interpreted “out of context.”

“If Ukraine fails to defend its independence, we will have no choice but to join the conflict,” Polish Ambassador to France Jan Emeric Rostiszewski said in an interview with French TV channel LCI. An excerpt from an interview with a diplomat leads Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita.

The statement of the Polish diplomat caused a wave of comments in the ruling circles of the republic, the newspaper notes.

“The Polish ambassador to France, who says that we will start a conflict with Russia unless Ukraine copes, definitely exceeds his authority and should simply be dismissed from his post,” Maciej Gdula, a member of the Polish parliament, said.

The Polish Embassy in France also later issued a statement in connection with Rosciszewski’s words. According to the report, the ambassador’s statement “is being interpreted by some media out of the context in which it was made.”

“During a half-hour conversation with the editor, Ambassador Rosciszewski talked about the need for Ukraine’s allies to support Ukraine. He also spoke about the threat that Russia poses to Europe and European values,” the Polish diplomatic mission in Paris said in a statement.

Jan Emerik Rosciszewski has been the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Paris for about a year, previously he was the Chairman of the Board of PKO Bank Polski.

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