March 31, 2023

The position of the German government on the arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin, which was issued by the International Criminal Court (ICC), indicates a desire to further escalate the conflict with the Russian Federation. About it informed Sunday, March 19, Russian Ambassador to Berlin Sergei Nechaev.

“The irresponsible statements of some German officials about their support and readiness to comply with the illegitimate and completely absurd decision of the International Criminal Court cause extreme concern,” the diplomat said in a statement published on the embassy’s Telegram channel.

Nechaev stressed that such speeches testify to how far the German authorities are from reality in their desire to further escalate the conflict with the Russian Federation.

On March 17, the ICC, whose jurisdiction is not recognized by Russia, issued a warrant for the “arrest” of President Vladimir Putin, as well as children’s ombudsman Maria Lvova-Belova. Later the head of the Ministry of Justice of Germany Marco Buschman stated about the readiness to arrest the Russian leader as soon as “his foot sets foot on the territory of the country.” The illegitimate order was also supported by the German Chancellor.

The Kremlin emphasized that the very raising of the question of the ICC about the “arrest” of the Russian president is unacceptable. Moscow does not recognize the jurisdiction of this court, so any decisions are null and void from the point of view of law.

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