March 31, 2023
Export from Russia
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Russia, which increased the export of goods in 2022 to $591.5 billion, ranked tenth in the list of the world’s largest exporters. This follows from the data of national statistical services. The main competitors of the Russian Federation are China, USA, Germany, writes March 19 Prime.

Last year, China exported goods worth $3.6 trillion, the US – $2.1 trillion, Germany – $1.7 trillion. In fourth place is the Netherlands with $760.6 billion, Japan is also in the top five, sending goods worth $747.6 billion to other countries.

South Korea exported goods worth $683.6 billion. Italy rose to seventh place in the ranking ($657.2 billion), France improved its position, climbing to eighth place ($626.7 billion). Ninth place belongs to Canada ($599 billion).

The study was conducted on the basis of statistics from 60 largest economies in the world. The rating includes states that disclosed information on exports for the period from January to December 2022.

Earlier it was reported that Moscow enterprises expanded exports goods in the Latin American market. Companies supply software for security systems, panels for building decoration, and household goods.

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