March 31, 2023
Sudan and Russia
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Russia and Sudan are considering the possibility of using national currencies in mutual settlements. This idea is being discussed by the Central Banks of the two countries, said Sudanese Ambassador to Moscow Mohammed Elghazali Eltijani Sirraja.

Russia made a proposal to use a system of financial transactions where national currencies would be used. According to Sirraj, this is largely a technical issue. Now the Central Banks of the two countries are checking how the system can work. A decision will be made shortly transmits Sunday, March 12, RIA Novosti.

Russia has been discussing the expansion of the use of national currencies with Asian, South American and African states for a long time. Previously reportedthat the Russian Federation can switch to trade in national currencies with many African countries. As noted in the Foreign Ministry, Russia retains influence on the continent and can count on the support of many African states, and the intention of the Russian authorities to help Africa with food plays an important role in this. It was emphasized that Moscow will switch to work with countries that are ready for equal cooperation.

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