March 31, 2023

The weather in March is very changeable, said Roman Vilfand, scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia. He told what the weather expects the residents of Moscow over the weekend and next week.

In an interview with, a specialist notedthat from the morning of Saturday, March 11, the temperature will begin to rise. As a result, by late evening the indicator will rise by 10°C, and the temperature background will be around 0°C.

“The collision of air masses with different physical properties, with different temperature regimes will lead to the fact that the wind will increase. It will be really strong: 15-20 m/s. With such a wind, even moderate snow transforms into a blizzard,” continued Vilfand .

According to him, on the night of Sunday, as well as in the morning of March 12, difficult weather is predicted, in some places there will be heavy precipitation in the form of sleet, just snow and rain. The air temperature will be from plus 4°C to plus 6°C. The wind is expected to be 15-17 m/s.

“But Muscovites will not feel this warm weather, because human sensations are based not only on thermometer readings, but also on the wind regime. And gusty winds and precipitation are expected, which will give the impression of negative temperatures,” Vilfand explained.

In addition, sticking of wet snow is predicted, as well as ice on vertical surfaces. Atmospheric pressure on Sunday will be very low – by 18-20 mm Hg. Art. below the norm.

Temperatures are expected to drop again on Monday. At night it will be from minus 4°C to minus 6°C. During the day it is predicted from 0°C to minus 2°C. Frosty weather is also expected on Tuesday.

Warming will start from Wednesday, the temperature will be positive. However, one should not assume that spring will come to Moscow. “This confrontation between circulation mechanisms and thermal regimes will continue for quite a long time. But still, temperatures of up to plus 7°C are predicted in Moscow on Wednesday,” Vilfand concluded.

In Moscow and the region extended the “yellow” level weather hazard due to sleet. The warning will remain in effect until the evening of March 11.

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