March 29, 2023
Military of the Russian Federation
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Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law that clarifies the procedure for insurance payments to the military and law enforcement officers. Document published on Saturday, March 18, on the Internet portal of legal information.

Now, if a person was not insured and it is impossible to make changes to the contract, then he is entitled to compensation in the event of an insured event. Funds must be paid within 30 days from the date of receipt of the necessary documents.

If, during an insured event, there are suspicions that a citizen has taken deliberate actions, then the insurer must go to court within 30 days to find out all the circumstances. If the court takes the side of the citizen, he must be paid compensation within five days. In case of delay, a person is entitled to a penalty. Its size is equal to 1% of the sum insured for each day of delay.

On March 15, the Federation Council of the Russian Federation approved amendments to the law on compulsory state insurance of the life and health of servicemen. The day before supported them State Duma.

According to Andrey Kartapolov, head of the Duma Defense Committee, the law establishes a rule according to which the insured military must be fully compensated for losses in the event of an unreasonable appeal by the insurer to the court.

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