March 30, 2023

Polish markets still sell vegetables from Russia at a fairly low price, despite the large-scale anti-Russian sanctions of the European Union. On Saturday, March 18, the German newspaper reports Berliner Zeitung.

As the newspaper notes, the fact that you can still buy cheap cucumbers from Russia in Poland is “quite surprising,” since many countries have refused to do business with the Russian Federation. Nevertheless, dozens of trucks with Russian vegetables constantly arrive at the wholesale market in Bronisz, Poland. However, sellers in Poland reminded the media that the vegetable trade is not contrary to Western sanctions. In particular, cucumbers purchased in the Russian Federation have “all the necessary documents, tests and certificates,” the entrepreneurs noted.

As for the cost, imported cucumbers are on the shelves at 55 zlotys per 5 kg (approximately € 11.7 or 950 rubles). According to the publication, this is much less than the price of European-made products, which are now becoming more expensive. On the other hand, trade in Russian food products is not blacklisted by the EU, the newspaper writes. According to a statement by the European Council, “Products which are primarily intended for human consumption are exempt from export and import restrictions.”

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